Box Of Memories

A box, a box is all I desire to bring with me;

Not just any box, but a box full of stuff.

A box filled with memories---

A box with photographs, letters, and stuffed animals.

This box has everything from my childhood.

It has old cards from elementary school classmates---

Cards that proclaim,

"Katie, I'll miss you when you move to Tennessee!"

"You're really nice and smart...I wish we were closer friends."

"Katie, I'll never forget you! I hope you don't forget me.."

And finally, a poem from Mrs. Smith, my 4th grade elementary teacher.

She fought cancer when I knew her.

I wonder if she survived the cancer. I surely hope so;

The poem, which I vaguely remember, went something like this:

K stands for kind, A stands for angelic. So on and so forth...

She used my name(Katarina) and wrote what each letter stood for(in her opinion.)

I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but I adored it and still do.

I loved Mrs. Smith. She knew I was a shy, lonely girl...

Instead of shunning me as "weird" like other teachers later did,

she simply accepted me for who I was.

But at the same time, she taught me to stand up for myself and be strong.

To persevere and never give up, no matter how difficult life gets...

To always have gratitude for what you have, because it could all

disappear in an instant.

And most of all, she taught me to look at the brighter side of life.

Even when she was struggling with cancer, and even when she lost her hair..

she still smiled and laughed. She always had the sweetest smile---

Ebullient as ever, she joined us kids on the playground,

and enjoyed herself on the swingsets.

She didn't hold shame over her hair loss from chemotherapy.

Instead of wearing a wig, she let her cropped hair show.

She didn't care, because her self esteem was too high for that..

and besides, she was beautiful hair or no hair!

As you can see, she's the primary reason I keep this box..

Because this is a box of memories---memories that shall never be forgotten!




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