The One and Only

Mon, 06/10/2013 - 22:38 -- rrred64


United States
32° 58' 4.242" N, 96° 53' 19.392" W

You came out of no where, when I needed a friend the most.
Felt lost scared and lonely 'til you came close.
you were my first friend, we would be together till the end.
Until the day you didnt come back.
And I sat there, stumped, scared and sad.
I waited not wanting to believe you were gone.
My life was a nightmare full of attacks.
Boom! Pack! Smack! The truth struck me in every direction.
Losing you was hard, I didnt have a heart of stone.
the happiness you brought was a ray of light,
in days that werent always so bright.
My memories of you brough happiness and your vioce,
it was like a record inside my head.
You lived in my heart and i could still go on,
You would be with me till the end.
your friendship was the picture to my frame,
and in my bran you will forever be engraved.


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