My love's burning touch


Love is a complex thing. It does not always end as you wish it would. Sometimes the person that you love does not feel the same fire. Sometimes there are things that threaten love, that keep you apart, things that you cannot change, like Time, or Death. Yet love remains, burning like a candle in your heart.


I have been burned by love

I still feel the marks it left


I still have that warmth in my heart, for those lonely nights when I am alone.

I spend so much time alone, but I have love to warm me, to hold me, to whisper soft sweet words; words just for me to hear, and remember.


At times, I long for my love’s soft lips, for my love’s burning touch, for those beautiful, deep eyes I stared into for so long.


I miss you, with all my heart and being. I know that there is more than distance between us now, but our time will come. I know that we will be together again.


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