Sleeping deeply, always lightly
Never sweetly but always nightly.
Nightmares haunt me taunting softly
Leaking deeply into my reality.
Was it a dream or was it real?
These wicked thoughts are out to drown me,
They are as broad as the earth’s seven seas.
With haunting dreams of past memories
I tried to lock them away and throw away the keys,
But I found out how to beat them to it,
Opened the bottle and drank right through it.
Wicked thoughts about the past are finally silent,
Silent at last.


The Day-Dreamer

that gave me chills.
that was very deep and a little sweat,
i guess you can say it was somewhat unique.
I couldn’t have came up with that when i'm at the peak of what I think.
the way your words was so complexly intertwined,
i can honestly say that you blew my mind,
the very concept of drowning in your memory,
reminds me of me back when didn't have a hold of things .
im glad that you have found the solution,
now hold on to it and it will become even truer.
thank you for your words of wisdom. :)


that was very creative, thank you for taking the time to comment! I'm glad you like it :)

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