That Winter Day

I was just old enough to

Tie my shoe,

When my dad could hardly wait,

To teach me how to ice skate.


He wrapped my sister and I,

In coats to keep us dry.

And packed us in the car

To drive to the pond that wasn’t that far.


He led me by his glove covered hand,

And took me to the edge of land,

Where the frozen pond began,

And smiled as he shared his plan.


He put the skates on my feet

And helped me up from my seat.

His eyes crinkled when he smiled,

As he said he also learned to skate as a child.


He told me to glide along

Push off with strides that were strong.

He offered me his hand to start slow,

But I wanted to go fast so I said no.


Then I carelessly stepped out on the ice

And I paid the price.

I tumbled on to my back,

With a loud, hard smack.


He picked me up with a strong grip,

Standing next to him I was shorter than his hip.

He showed me how to skate with grace,

And there  was a big smile on his face.


He let me learn things the hard way,

And I will always remember that day,

When my father could hardly wait,

To teach me how to skate.


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