Wed, 06/26/2013 - 02:40 -- Chaleuh


The time a capri sun lasted and hour and you hated taking shower.

those days are now gone, no matter how much you hold on.

you'd sprint as fast as you could just to catch that ice cream man.

Reminiscing on the past wishing it would last.

the years went by fast,

when the opposite sex had coodies

trips to the park with your friends like goodnies.

fart noises will never get old

if you swallow a seed you'll grow into a tree so you've been told.

the memory of the past is a bliss,

makes me almost as happy as recieving a kiss.

the people that you'll miss,

even though they got you pissed that day they beat you in tether ball when you were about three feet tall.

back in those days when you were real small and fit inside that dryer,

always wished you were higher but you just wouldn't grow.

using the yellow book to reach the stove.

getting in trouble for not doing what you're told.

bending over in front of the fireplace when it was extremely cold.

when the Backstreet boys were in and you wanted the album.

struggled on math problems cause you  just couldn't solve um.

it hurts to remember the good times before,

but remember to look ahead, you've got good ones in store.




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