Sometimes life likes to screw you over
Why can't we just live and let live?
Horrible parents, a cheating lover
Everyone takes what you have to give

An endless circle of needless lies
Backstabbing, hate, constant warfare
People watch with crude, angry eyes
Indifferent and always putting on airs

Scorn and loathe from a druggie father
A waste of breath and life, just scum
The responsibility of an insane mother
No feelings are left, I just feel numb

Death would be a long awaited break
But only a coward could ever take it
A nightmare that plays while I wake
No space to breathe or rest or shake it

Words quickly pouring from my fingers
Expressing all the rage kept locked away
Negative emotions, the darkness lingers
Firm is my resolution, impossible to sway

No one, not even the world left to blame
Eyes cast downward, a look of shame


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