You were my Joker,
I was your Harley,
We kicked it together,
Being chased by that stupid Bats on our date nights.

My Puddin' tried to kill me,
My Puddin' threw me out a window,
My Puddin' hit me again,
But I fought back,
I hit you too,
I hurt you too.

We were built to be the perfect partners in crime,
What a beautiful love affair,
Like Bonnie and Clyde,
But we gave it up,
Something pulled us apart.

I remember those days, 
When we zoomed down the streets,
Wind in my hair,
A large smile played on your face,
But those days are long gone.

I'm just a girl now,
And you,
You're just a boy,
But I still recall all of the promises,
All of the plans,
Because you were my Joker,
And I was your Harley.


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