And then 

It all 

Fell Apart 

Just as quickly as it had become, 

It disintegrated into his fingers

And all she could do was stare at him, 

A haphazard mix of fear, and pain, and betrayal

Swimming around in the blue eyes

Which had once sparkled 

Not with anger or hurt 

But with an unconditional love 


For him

The one who had taken her heart 

From its' little nook 

In the antique trove of her chest cavity, 

Where she had concealed it for so long 


The one who had promised

To take care of the heirloom

Thinking he knew everything there was to know 

About love 


The one who had watched it fall, and shatter on the floor

In the same place where her books 

Fell from her arms and hit the ground 

And where she dropped to her knees,

Unable to breathe for fear of 

Breaking her very self.  


He watched 

It all 







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