Imagination of the wildest form

O, for my sole comfort in the night,

Yet it is, at times, the one that causes me the fright.

Nevertheless, it is my only solace when I am afraid;

Afraid until it slowly takes my fear away.


Many claim it is a mystery,

Because we don’t know its true history.

We may be unsure of its design,

Though, without it, our minds would be in confine.


Although I will admit,

There were times you caused me dismay;

But, I will always choose to stay,

And remind myself of a good day.


The days where memories of laughter fill,

Or perhaps an exhilarating thrill.

They may not all be true,

But there is no better view.


This is a world where imagination holds the only key,

And one’s mind is the only limitation;

A place where slumber is the entryway,

and reality is the escape.


Good night, sleep tight

For I will return again tonight,

To see thy beauty through my eyes,

And find a world of unimaginable surprise.


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