Interrupted Solace on a Winter's Evening


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Interrupted Solace in a Winter's Evening

Every once and awhile I like to be alone
I burrow in the confines of my memory
And dart from conversations like a fish from glass

In a strike of unluck I find myself caught;
Hook punctured my mind's eye socket and
Reeled me in. Succumbing to my fate, I revert -

Thursdays become Wednesdays and on they go
Dust of yesterday’s mourning fall and blanket
Themselves on my old, wooden shelves – I may run

A damp rag along the surface to clear the
Sometimes overwhelming picture-framed thoughts:
I'll chase my retired childhood while relapses

Of your voice thunderously echo and erupt inside
Until Time becomes self-evident
And I grip it like the Velcro on your old shoes

Trying to stealth my way forward and return
To the present – but I'm confined in
This blurred memory -

As Slinkys jump from stairs, memories
Blend together - overlapping.



"I find myself caught/Hook punctured my mind's eye socket and/Reeled me in" really shows how you have a knack for using intense images to get your point across to the reader. What a great technique! Be sure to check out "poetry writing tips" in the "resources" section to get even more inspiration for writing great poems!

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