Immortal Memory, Immortal Soul


Photos snap and smiles crack,

Across my face and in my mind.

The mem’ry left is far too great,

for fear to truly unwind.

I peer at pictures into the past

Of a night just one moment ago,

and think to myself how great I feel,

and how much this emotion can grow.

I look forward into the future

and forget the checkered past.

Because, with you, only one thing matters;

the decisions I make in contrast.

Now when I’m with you my mind is clear,

and nothing is the same.

For once in my life my mind falls blank,

and it’s the greatest feeling; You’re to blame.

I sit before the eve of our departure,

and wonder to the stars,

“Can I keep her, through and through,

and never drift apart?”

As I wonder, my heart is filled

with only one exclamation.

The three words with no meaning in society,

but with weight in our combination.

These pictures travel with me,

through space and in my time.

I can’t believe I’ve such good fortune,

In life and in my rhyme.

Now there’s only one task left,

as I bring this to a close.

And that’s when I say, “I love you, your life,

your heart, your soul.”


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