Infinite Memories

I'm alone and can't sleep
There's no one here but me
I'm stuck with all these memories
If they could only see

The reasons I don't trust a soul
I know how cold the world can be
The scars buried in my heart
No one will ever see

They'll never understand
So why try to explain
The damage is said and done
And no one can ever see

I don't know where to turn
Or where to run and hide
So I lay awake at night and wonder
Why I had to see?

The thoughts that haunt my dreams are real
They live in my memories
They keep me up at night
Why did I have to see?

I don't choose to remember
I want to let it be
But it's what I have to live with
It's what I have to see

This poem is about: 
Our world


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thanks for writing this poem

there's alot of pain and suffering you've gone through

the most essential solution is faith

have faith, on the other side of those sorrows, something amzing will happen

continue to build off your ideas

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