Memories Now Forgotten


(I don't know why the ending got all jumbled up, sorry.)


You can't undo this

You can't get back what you've lost

You can't erase the past

You can't redeem yourself


I won't beat myself up anymore

I'm fucking done, done with everything

I'm done with this pain, this misery

I'm done living every day in agony

I'm fucking done waiting for a day

That I know will never come

Suffering day by day

Being torn apart

At the core of who I am


I'm done with this

Slogging through life

Faking every smile

Forcing every laugh

I'm done, I've given all I have to give

There's nothing left of me. 


This is my final goodbye

I won't come back

This is the end


This is the end of everything

Everything we had is crumbling

This home we built is falling to pieces

As I walk through the door

Leaving you and him to be buried

With the rest of our memories

 If I had the chance The chance to set back the clocks The chance to put everything back I wouldn't change a god damned thing  I'm going to be happy with my life Happy with the choices I make The people I leave behind, the memories I burn
 Even if it means killing a part of myself I will be happy again  You've seen the best in me You know the worst parts of me You know my hopes, my dreams You know my fears and my pain Now, know this: You don't mean a fucking thing anymore  You were supposed to last To be there until the end You were supposed to be the one Now I see you're just like the others  You tell me to move on You tell me I'll be fine You tell me that you know I'll pull through That I'll be fine without you I guess, in the end, you didn't know me  Like you thought you did.  You can go fuck yourself I'm leaving this behind Everything we built All the time spent It will crumble, and fade away You can't undo this,  You can't get back what you've lost


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