Shattered Smiles

He moved here in the fifth grade, Immediately we were friends. Or at least i thought we were...but i guess it all depends.  The years ticked past,and the bullies came at me stronger. He was there every second, without him or his brother i doubt i would have been here too much longer... We grew up and he changed,no longer a little boy. He stopped protecting me,and he started to destroy.  He didn't do it on purpose, All he wanted was to get high.I was the only one who saw the kid who was barely getting by.  It was the last time we hung out,and he became the bully...Hurtful words, tears and laughter,and hes the only one that could have understood fully.  What happened to the boy that picked me up when i was down?I Watched him grow into a man,but what kind, that i will never knowStaying together was always the plan... But you'd rather light it up...You were my best friend,I gave you my all, but it turns out you just wanted to see how long it would take me to fall Congratulations, im broken, scarred,You left me in the dark. LITERALLY. Head screaming, tears streaming, happy memories shredded and left alone in the wind.  I look at you and think of destruction,Where are all the smiles we shared?You were there when i needed you most, and then turned against me... If only you had actually cared... If only you were still my best friend... Now youre just a stranger,and im the girl with a shattered smile.     

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