The Pain of Reminiscing

Get a grip and forget. If you keep focusing on things of the past you may miss out on wonderful things that may present thethemselvesmselves in the present and/or future! Learn to move on..... But it's so hard to move on when you don't want to. I want to go back in time and live in the happiest and best moments we had together. I want to reminisce and remember the feel of your arms around me or the touch of your lips on mine. I want to remember your look of concern when I was broken. Oh the worry in your eyes! I want to remember the sound of our laughter our jokes, our mischief. I want to dwell on these memories. Not only do I want to dwell on them, I want to bring them back. If only I could hear the soothing sound of your voice again. If only I could reach out to you and just talk! To once again share the crazy ridiculous thoughts that run through this ludacrous mind of mine.I miss you so much it hurts. I can't help but wonder if you feel the same way. Do you miss me as I you? Do you think about me as I think of you? Do you dream about me as I dream about you? Why can't I let you go? From the begining, you drove me crazy and even now, you still do! Please, for the love of God Michael, get out of my head! 


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