The clouds are crumbling,


fallin' apart.

Fallin' down,

                    down. Bounce

     off the birds, the planes,

     it's super

hard to see where they trace,

          mazes, fazes, and faces of light.

     Shadows change, reallign.

     Seasons of sunlight

shy  behind white expanse,

           play hide-and-go

                    find me a jar.

Cause it's fallin' hard.

     The organic race of gravity

               into the insanity of youthful hands

     keeping the crumbs for later

locked up long, vaults and keys-

          a cloud in a bottle?

What a sight, my old eyes

     grab the key, pick the lock,

Tumbler ticks, ticks

                    Open up the lid,

          what did you expect? 


                    your water's as ageless as ice.    


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