Butterfly Nets

They took it
You spent years
Pouring your heart
Soul and sweat
Into the wood and nails
The blisters and measured
Until one day
Your beautiful masterpiece
Was complete
I stood back
Finally, my own
Space in this massive
World to call mine
Thank you, dad
The handyman, the relentless
Love and selfless acts
Repairing, doing this or that
Keeping our home in
Top shape for years
You gave me
More than you know
But fairytales don't always last
Like a butterfly
Unexpectedly dropping by
Then disappearing forever
The notice came
And we were forced
To leave our home
Because they tricked us
Cornered us and pulled the plug
Uprooted us from our
Massive treehouse
A tree that continued
To grow with each year
With each birthday
Houseparty, scratched knee
Beautiful memory, childhood's past
The markings on the wall that were all
They took it. Left us
With nothing but what memories
We could catch in our butterfly nets
And pack neatly into boxes
But they can't take what we've
Gained. The memories and
Growth that has occurred
In all of us
What we call family and Home,
Will always be united as one.


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