It's the only way

Sometimes we dream so much that we lose touch on our reality. The lines between what we desire and what we need blurs. It's sad if you think about, the fact that what we dream isn't always reality. Our dreams transcend us into another world. One we can control and feel safe in. We don't have to hide ourselves from the world because we control it. We do crazy thinks like jump off buildings. But right before we hit the ground, we wake up. Why, why do we not see ourselves hit the ground? Because hitting the ground is the switch back into reality. Think about it. The moment a dream gets out of control, we wake up and can't remember it. It could of been the best dream ever, but we simply can't remember it. Why? Because our minds are not made to think irrationally. Were not allowed to see how we die, it's not how we normally think. So the brain has to be trained to dream, and the only way to do that is to follow your dreams no matter where they take you.


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