Endless Beginnings


Do you remember when we first met?

It’s okay.

I don’t either.

But lately memories have been spilling
Like pools of ink
Before the whites of my eyes
Blinding me
And I figured I might as well tell them to you
Before stinging tears wash them away

I remember your drinking all of your coffee
Even though you clearly needed the caffeine more
And how you had trouble deciding what brand of water

to buy in a grocery store

I remember your “epic dance party”

Which included a total of you and your iPod
Your confidence left me laughing
Your dancing was odd


I remember your hesitation
When I held open the door for you

Because you wanted to hold it for me

but the entrance couldn’t fit two

I remember getting lost in the woods
But somehow finding my way back
Because in that moment all I wanted
Was to be where you stood

I remember drifting off
To the steady rhythm of your breathing
And the infuriatingly short distance
from our hands as we were sleeping

I remember when I told you that
If I fell asleep,
to just leave me
And all you said was
“I’d carry you back in.”

Truth be told
I actually do remember
When we met for the first time
In fact, to be honest, my first thoughts were
“Why are his jeans skinnier than mine?”

But when I ask if you remember
It’s okay to say that you don’t
Because having a beginning means
There’s an end
So if you forgot how we met
Let’s just start over again.


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