Miles and miles and miles to go

Miles and miles and miles to go
These last few weeks have been quite the show.
Just a lost girl trying to escape 
Lost in the world the size of a grape. 
Out to meadow where the skies are blue
Full of smiles and wonder the day I met you. 
Falling in love with the flipping of your hair
Two short weeks I'll keep never to share. 
Wanted to just be two but there were always three 
Constantly fighting with jealousy. 
Carving memories in my heart like our totem pole
Painted by the colors of your beautiful soul 
Those two weeks flew by too fast
Stuck hoping and praying this friendship would last. 
Miles and miles and miles to go 
Just a few things I want you to know.
Bewildered by you from the very start
Shocked to find such a perfect heart
According to height you may be small
But inside's what counts and you've got it all. 
Every word you write 
Carries such a beautiful light
What I thought would be a mystery 
Has been delivered in words to me
Forever treasured as a precious gift
No matter how much our lives may shift 
While like a dream they are legit
I pray these weeks you never forget
Miles and miles and miles to go
No matter the distance these feelings I'll sow.


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