Creeping Memories

       Trapped inside your own mind, wanting to die but your body is willing you alive. You know you need sleep, but even if you get a wink, you know your mind and the memories that creep. Sinking into th soul of or mind, to the depths of your soul, again and again wishing you could be whole. Not this broken person people say you are, but i know it's so hard. They're tellig you exactly what to say, even when saying, "do what you may." You see,you have to find out on your own, by your own self-thinking, that "I was made for more than just this sombrly blinking into negative space." Figuring out what of myself I can make. Finally realizing that I am not just standing somewhere alone crushed by this world so abandoning, I realize I'm stronger than people really see from this shell I put on to make THEM happy. I was putting on a show, but not anymore I will say what is true, and be strong to remember, these memories inside do not make me a member of some broken peoples club, I am no longer a victim, I've found healing in my God, no, more. I have found myself, the real me who I am when I'm alone with these creeping memories, but wait, I'm not alone any more. For I know he has a plan for me, though I'm not what I should be. He will be there for me now and forever, saying "My child, I love you, draw near to my side." And so I will, for I have found what it is to truely be alive.


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