A phase we call Life...


Its something we have to come to terms with

We see it face to face day by day

But we dont realize it becasue until we have completed the maze that has us going a new way.

Theres ups and cowns that push us around But it seems as though the blessings do come around.

So much can go wrong at any given moment; but with love and stability you will be able to control it. There will be days that come that make you want to get up but in the end you know this all a master plan to make you grow up.

I have known many people who call this a test, and when you put it in that meteaphor I just may want to give my brain a rest.

The best part is there is so much you can learn, but sometimes the things you may encounter will put your heart to burn.

I learned in this phase we have to stay strong, because our strength decides our destiny and puts us where we belong. Its almost like a game of poker being handed multiple cards, be careful at what you chose becasue it will be a lesson learned now read this again and just know that you have been warned..




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