Do you ever have that dream that doesn't let you sleep?
Leaves red marks in your eyes,
And a bad taste on your teeth?

But, for some reason, no one understands
That some days it feels like Mr. Sandman holds your life in his hands

Should he crush your dreams,
Should he let you go?

The answer is one no one seems to know

They call them nightmares
They call them fear
The call them the reason you're still here

Headaches abound
As well as the stress
This is one of those times I wish I could rest

But darkness never cared
How much you turn and swear,
He was given the job to kill all happiness there

So here you lay at night,
Hand tangled in your hair,
Calling for someone to get you out of there

Sometimes, it works

Some people don't care

I'll say it once, and once again,
Nightmares aren't fair


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