Fleeting Memories

The love we shared ran deep, I find myself wanting to stay asleep

Id chase the sun if I knew that you were there waiting for me

Burns to the touch, a bitter sweet pain that I miss so much

All my senses scream aloud, begging for your presence somehow

Have I truly lost the essence of time, for a short moment you were mine

How do I cope with the cold hard truth, how to go forward after losing you

I’ve found it hard to distinguish days from years, piecing our time together out of fear

Fear of forgetting the smallest detail, that smile becoming not so clear

Shattered all in pieces I have become, self-banishment grows greater year to passing year

A star that burned too bright, a thousand memories in one tear, my heart merely a stone, sinking into the clear,

abysmal excuse which I cannot explain

A lonesome walk amongst the pines listening to the rain

Speaking to my soul reminding me to embrace the pain

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Amazing! My name is Candace. Reading your poem made me want to reach out to you about a book of poems coming out Titled #MyStory. If you are interested in submitting a poem you can contact me at candacenicholas98@gmail.com.

Thank you,

Candace Nicholas

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