Where I'm From

I'm from sweet ribbon candy, 

along with fizzy bottle caps

like fireworks against my tongue. 

I'm from Bon Jovi and Adam Ant;

the greatest hits buzzing in my ear. 


I'm from Rick Springfield,

who's name was carved in a heart

through the bark on trees around the country. 

I'm from the latest episodes

of Little House on the Prairie,

and the newest additions to the Nancy Drew series.


I'm from pink purses,

and Polly Pockets in every little girl's overalls,

as universal as rattles in a baby's hand. 

I'm from bad mitten birdies

soaring through the air. 

Spyrograph art on my pink walls.

I am from hours spent talking on the phone

and the urge to heal each animal. 


In my scrapbook,

made with friends,

stickers flood the pages/ 

None free of their sticky wrath. 

I am the ending sticker,

to the last page,

of my family. 


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