Memories of Him

Fri, 11/18/2016 - 20:38 -- jxxh

I remember the taste of your lips,


and soft,

reminding me of fluffy clouds,

I didn't want to wash the taste of you from my mouth,

I remember your arms wrapped around my waist,

hips eagerly pushing my naked body onto crisp white sheets,



You wanted me just as much as I wanted you,

I remember the warmth of your body against mine,

the pleasure,

the need,

the feeling of lust turn into something more,

something more inspiring,

I remember waking up next to you,

wrapped in wrinkled sheets,



you were beautiful.

clusters of thick black lashes splayed out on your freckled cheeks,

soft breath left your nostrils,

shoulders sighed with relief,

as a stream of sunlight wrapped itself across your face,

and it was then that I realized,

climbing out of your bed,

that I was in love,

All that's left are these little memories,

bathed in moonlight,

as I close my eyes,

and dream of the hours we spent,

breathing hard, 

teasing wildly,

and living together.


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