Blackened thoughts.

Vital signs.


What's left inside.

Memories start to disappear.

The older I get the more they become unclear.

Reasons to remember what made me who I am.

The same reasons that haunt me,

Never end.

All I know.

All I was.

Drifts away one by one.

Pieces of the puzzle still remain.

But it's not enough to keep me sane.

The want to remember.

The want to see.

One by one they slowly leave.

Flickers reappear every once in awhile.

Sometimes I feel relieved and start to smile.

But then as soon as it comes it runs away.

One by one.

Piece by day.

Trying to playback those memories.

Trying to bring back a glimpse of joy.

Yet nothing returns.

No more flashbacks from the past.

I thought memories were meant to last?

Forever and always no matter what.

But here I stand in my own corrupt

Too hard to remember.

Too hard to see.

As I get older.

It's hard to remember the memories.

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