Fallen in Love with the Past

I wish there was a restart button

Something to take me back in time 

The idea of holding you again

And calling you mine


I would click the pause button

On the moments I missed,

And rewind them when I’m lonely

Reliving my one sided bliss.


Then I would fast forward

Skip through the fights

Your indifferent shrugs

They surely made me cry.


But our love is the power button

Never turned back on

The memories are vivid

But new ones will never come 


As I sit alone watching

I can’t help but stare

At the moments that were once filled 

Of love and care

 Are rather replaced

With slurs and stares

Of disgrace and uncomfort

But you don’t care.


Take me back when

Our love was strong

When words meant more

Than sounds of hums


Don’t press exit

Stay with me

Don’t change the channel

Or create new memories 

When we collide I watch and stare

The feelings I felt are still there

In the memory I hold you can’t take away

You can choose to forget or deal away

But I will hold them deep in my heart

And when I die they will do me part

When I’m sick I won’t forget

When I’m poor I won’t be 

Because I will marry them

I am married to my memories.


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