Surpassing Physicality


United States
42° 18' 16.9992" N, 83° 28' 54.9912" W

The deaths of waves upon the shore
Without a shout commence.
But courses of their peaks and troughs
Resound in timelessness.
As she breathes her final breath
Her silent dream is cut
Short like a fishing trip amid
Lightning's capricious strike.
The truth of nature one forgets
As days come without fail.
But Death remains unconquerable
So Life's days must prevail.
Her family frames her many firsts,
Her quests in childhood,
Friends that stayed along her side,
And views that never would.
The melodies of memories past
Echo throughout our paths
Much more than any instant fade--
In spirit, dead survive.
At sunset loved ones gather 'round
A boat that holds her husk.
Pushing out that boat to sea 
Leaves her essence to share.
Her weightless, wafting soul will  live
Within each one of them;
Death will not consume her whole
Or half, just an outline.
Remember life's eternal force--
Unstoppable if fed.
The people touched, the friendships built
All nurture life beyond.


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