Childhood Memories


United States
41° 13' 43.266" N, 74° 59' 27.6396" W

I am from pool parties and barbecues
Summer nights skipping rocks at the river.
I am from fireworks and sparklers,
Scrapes knees and bug bites.
I am from sunshine and smiles,
Ice cream and water fights.

I am from sleepovers and slumber parties,
Maker overs and pillow fights.
I am from hide and seek and man hunt,
Hiding in closets and under tables.
I am from dance recitals,
Roses and cards after every show.

I am from sneaking out and hanging out,
Late nights and fake fights.
I am from Joana and Kaitlyn,
And Jackie and Alley.
I am from childish games and innocent memories,
Bedtime stories and imaginary friends.


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