Right This Time

I want to love you,

but I feel like we rushed.

Two months went too quickly.

It left me thinking, "Is this lust?"

You said it was more,

and with me you did agree,

and getting "us" back

won"t be so easy.

I see in your actions

how you're willing to try.

Be my best friend and lover

'til the die that I die.

Let's restart this all,

but keep our sweet memories,

cast off the wrath,

and set ourselves free.

We'll take things slowly now

and this time do it right.

We'll be patient and understanding

and free ourselves of childish spite.

We'll learn to let go

of the things that hurt our bond.

We'll focus on those things 

that make us grow fond.

Love doesn't hurt.

What hurts is heartbreak.

Let go of the pain

that wasn't in vain.

We both know that ignorance

is the one to blame.

We both meant no harm.

Let's remember our intention.

The faults that held us back

we'll no longer mention, 

because the past is the past.

We'll build a new tomorrow,

fresh and joyful, free of cold sorrow.

There are so many memories

with you I wish to make.

The more slowly we savor,

the more time that we take,

the more the odds are in our favor,

the more passion we'll make.

I want to outlast the rest!

I want to stand strong with you.

I want to trample each test

and grow old with you too.

I want to look back on our years

and laugh at the good times.

I just can't make it more clear

with these bland words and rhymes.

I want a unique kind of love

where every word matters

instead of throwing ourselves out

leaving our feelings in tatters.

Savor it, taste it, feel the tick of time.

If you could see what I see,

our love would be sublime.


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