A Life Interupted


A Life Interrupted

Darkness falls upon my thoughts
And yet I cannot sleep
My mind so full of shadows
Reaching in the deep

The weight of all the memories
Pulling me away
From a life I want to live
But somehow, cannot play

A time when I was happy
Is somewhere in my heart
When days were full of sunshine
And we were never far apart

But then you had to leave me
Here in this mortal place
Alone, but with your memory
Your life, a fading trace.

Your voice is but a whisper
I hear still in my dreams
And sleep is all I treasure
the world no longer what it seems

I know I should keep believing
In all we used to be
And somehow take that forward
In a life that’s only me

For now I struggle onward,
My life a desperate plea
To reclaim a life, a vision of
A love that could not be


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