You Made Me


Will you read this?
Will you understand?
Can you hear me?
Will you be around?

I am lonely
So very afraid
I am worried
That I will never make it

Can I survive?
Can I thrive?
Can I make it another day?
Will I even want to?

Yes I must go on.
I can't leave the ones
Who made me who I am.

They make me who I am
They are part of me
I cannot bring them down
For the sake of escape

I cannot drag them to hell
The one I made for myself
They must live on in me

I must survive
With them in mind
I must thrive
So I can come back

To them...
To them who I long to hold
To them.
To the memories of those I love

I will live on with you
In my mind
In my heart
In my soul

I will be strong
Because you made me this way
And I will return the favor
Some day

I promise...
I promise you.



wow. I feel as if I am following your train of thought, its great. 

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