Please Remember

Wed, 12/27/2017 - 21:34 -- CarlosF

I had a dream last night, and it got me thinking about you,

You're crying right next to the windowsill, and you say that I don't know how you feel.

How do I know how you feel when you constantly keel over wanting to writher and die?

You had your eye on that blade that stays under your pillow, even after I begged you to let it go.

Remember that time when we ran through the meadow and blew yellow dendelions?

They started flying and your face shone and shimmered like the sun against my skin.

Now you're crying while slitting your wrists to forget the pain that exists within.

Please, treat me like a friend and remember when I told you that I'd hold you when you're shaking.

I know you're always hating the confessions I'm always making, but I have undeniable feelings for you.

Remember when we sat alone in my sister's car and sipped coffee and kept laughing and talking about our future?

You said you wanted a dog and maybe three kids with him, and I smiled.

You pulled up your sleeves all the while you sat and laughed.

I'm pained at the thought of you laying lain on the floor.

Nevermore, I want that thought running red hot through my mind.

Half the time I'm just stringing together lines so that you may feel better.

However, that last call you gave me, the one where you said you wanted to hang yourself in a closet, get a key and toss it, made it obvious that you weren't getting any better.

I wish I could come to you and say that your life will improve; I wish it were true.

I just remember how you have the most precious smile, and I bawl for a while thinking about it.

Please, don't quite. Don't leave your wrists slit.

Life is precious; please grab it and let it flourish in this December weather.

Please remember. 

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