We gather.
We wait.
We silently anticipate.

The sun dips down,
The waves dance up.

The crashing touch
Of Mother Earth
And the King of the Sea
Produce a sight of beauty.

It flashes green across the sky.
As far as the eye can see,
Someone in the whimsical clouds
Snaps to freeze time silently.

An old man
But lively
Comes to me.

"Take this shell my child"
He whispers to me.

"Take it home,
Take it far,
Carry our photo,
in the lining of your heart.

"Look at the tiny flash.
Your photo of our time.
A matte exterior,
Shielding your private nursery rhyme.

"When you find it is cold
And very dark;
This tiny sun
Will flash, even in the long run."


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