Falling Asleep in the Backseat of a Moving Car

When I was younger and the world was bigger

I’d often travel far, far away

To places where I was happy and unaware

Drive on, drive on, until we reach tomorrow day


The journey there would be an interesting one

Pity that I saw much more behind closed eyes

The gentle hum of the engine drones through the night

Drive on, drive on, as the world simply passes by


While I remain sleeping, my father keeps driving

Our destination is too far away for me to see

But I never doubt that we will make it there

Drive on, drive on, in heaven someday I’ll be


When I grew up, I discovered the thing called faith

Take my hand, and my whole life, too, I said

I was the small child sleeping through the car ride

Trusting, believing that I would make it home to bed

This poem is about: 
My family


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