It's gone

It's past

It won't come back

It's dead

It's faded

There's a crack

In what once was

But now isn't


It was open

But now

The door

Is closed

Slowly inching

Back and back

As the bond

Grew worse

And finally


With a thud

That was sudden

But final

As the long

And steady trial

That hurt and ached

And was a pain

To face each day

To smile wearily

To laugh weakly

To listen in torpidity

To stare blankly

And to watch unseeing

As you felt the distance

And felt the proximity

Of something dying

That was charred

And distorted

Something unrecognizable

Something so far

From your reach


But no matter

How much you try

It doesn't want 

To be saved

And you move on

Because you can't 

Stay forever

And the only thing

That penetrates now

Is apathy and indifference

As sad as it seems

It disappeared

Into the blue

And the memories

Play softly

With no sound

Just pictures

Of smiles and laughs

That were real

But don't exist


So with a heavy heart

And a numb mind

You let it happen

They shut the door.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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