Be Just a Memory

And then,

there was silence.

You were just a memory.

Your voice,

your words,

your face,

your smile.

They are forever gone with you.

I guess you're just a soul I once knew.

I wish time after time on those stars.

I wish for you.

They're just lost moments now,

wasted wishes

and distant dreams.

I, however, am not them.

I am not naive.

I am not lost.

I am not just another typical her.

I am the one.

I am pure in feeling.

I am the confident one.

I am the beautiful one.

And I am her.

Just promise me you remember.

Promise me you cared.

I still have everything.

The pictures in their frames,

capturing a second

of a once perfect moment.

Everything you said

etched in my brain.

Every feeling you ever gave me.

Promise me it’s worth it,

loving life fully again.

It seems only beautiful things are an illusion now.

I guess the moments that we love

are what make us so distant.


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I hope everyone can feel the emotion of this poem.

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