I'm on the airport and they put on Thor 2. 

And as I looked up and watched it, 

I thought so much of you. 

I look to the right and instead of you I see my mother. 

And I remember your smile so perfectly. 

Because I could never campare it to another. 

And when Thor held Jane, you held me. 

I rested my head on your shoulder.

I remember it so well because there in your arms is where I wish to be. 

And when the movie had been dismissed, 

You looked at me and smiled. 

And I leaned over, and we kissed. 

Then we both laughed.

And I was so happy, 

Because I knew that kiss wouldn't be the last..

..But now all I can think about are the movies you see with her. 

Is her present better than our past? 

When football season starts up again, 

Sooner than you know, 

Will she attend? 

And after the game, 

Run on the feild with you, 

And hold you tight?

And at away ga,es, while in the stands, 

No matter whose there, 

Cuddle up and hold your hand?

And the last thing I ask, 

Is she that much better than me?


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