Hauntings of memory lane

Everyday Ι walk over similar roads,  

And in every way the same memories replay. 

As my feet bring me to the places, my mind brings me to other times.  


Back then, and today 

The bricks on the ground are still the same,  

And the stories beneath them haven't changed. 

The concrete of the memory may diminish  

But the aura of the road remains.  


So I move, and I search, 

and I look for new roads with no stains 

to make new beginnings. 

So I can walk on  

with an undamaged mind  

and carry above my feet  

a free soul.  


But yes, I know I know 

That until I let go, 

of what I don't want, 

running away will only bring me so far. 

Until I let go, and release the past 

My pain is only going to stay  


All I can do, is work and wait. 

Create more stories on my roads 

And forgive the old ones which stain my heart. 

Just live and laugh, and adventure on without fear. 

Until one day the auras of the roads have cleared. 

And I can walk on with peace on my own.

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