The Goddess

Walking down the street, the scent
Hit me, crawling its way up my nose,
Triggering the memories of her, and
The smell of the warm cake, followed
By the longing beep from the oven.

I'm sitting there now, my feet
Barely touching the floor, leaning on the counter,
My eyes wide and expectant, watching her
As she delicately smooths the whip cream,
A goddess creating soft white clouds.

The perfect slice is cut, its moistness
Revealed, delicate as a flower, and
Now the first bite, the best of them all,
The most comforting, but it must end
Eventually, as I have now come to realize.

Standing here now, the smell was tempting,
But it couldn't possibly compare, the goddesses creations
Each unique, done like no other, the love
Would never be there again, no
Now, no one will ever compare.

But I keep her memory in my heart,
Her smile, the smell, will never be forgotten,
And though one might think this bring me to tears, Instead
I smile, for I feel her near.


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