The Place We Used To Build Fires

The cold night

shining bright

The stars above


the wind, the sky

dark and everywhere

the sense of comfort

so perfect and surreal

the life i miss

the life for which i'd kill

my best friend

short and unkempt

her laughs, and yells

never failing to make me content

the life i had

the life i miss

it seems like something 

you'd get from a wish

my eyes close

my breath slows

and on the memories i reflect

the silly stories

and camps backyard

as i see the moon

and i see the stars

i see the leaves

and i remember the life that used to be

a balance both parts

pain and joy


but reality wakes me

and bleakness hits

and im condemmned

to my monthly visits

to a new home strange and cold

as i leave the one place i could call my own

my false joy

and hope as well

as i sink further

into this hell

i see them then

a beaker of hope

and the light flows through 

the pain never ceases

but somehow it eases

my calloused heart too

but its easier now

that i've met all of you

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