On My Way Out


United States
38° 48' 40.122" N, 76° 39' 10.1628" W

truth, forgiveness, honesty
you forgot that it goes with loyalty
why did you screw me over this way
your promises meant nothing to me
I left you happily, without anything to say
we were never meant to be
I don't care about your calls
or if you cry
beg me to reconsider all your flaws.....

this is me escaping
good reddens to you, I'm leaving
no more pain or torture
my love for you ran out the door
I'm not coming back this time for sure
my tears and tolerance are burnt to the core

It's not ok anymore
I'm not sticking around for your pleasure
this desperation isn't worth what you measure
I'm better than this
And you're the low life prick

I've fought for years
and lost countless tears
I'm done..... I'm threw
this is me saying goodbye to you
and now I'm.... I can finally be......

free...... dom at last
this is my redemption
I finally found my way out
I've found a new perception
no more means to be saddened with doubt

I am free:)


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