Do you remember?

We carved our future into the stars
And then sat back and watched them float 
And boy did they move 
Dancing through the night 
They spoke our lives 
I wish they hadn’t spoken the end.
I wish we could go back
To those times when time was simple
When life was simple
When we loved being with each other
When we cared about each other, not what was between us
When we created our future.
We were going to go to the ocean 
Do you remember? 
You were going to show me that vast expanse of beauty and terror, the one you compared to the sky at night.
You were going to take me to the fair
Do you remember? 
You were going to show me the animals
Buy me sweets 
Get dizzy on the roller coaster 
You were going to take me ice skating 
Do you remember?
We were gonna hold hands
And let the snow fall around us
We were gonna do so much 
And the stars were gonna watch us 
And record our story 
But now….
We can’t. 
I think out of all of the things I’m going to miss about you…about us…is that we’re not going to see what we made…and that we’re throwing away so much of our story. 
I just…..
I miss you

Will you remember?


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