United States
30° 32' 12.6132" N, 96° 18' 4.8348" W

Dark galore
The minute my hands shut the door
Blank music sheets spread on the floor
Spiderwebs on the stairs

Echoing music box chords
Drift from an unseen source
I feel at home here of course
I never want to leave

Here in my home underground
Where whispers are the loudest sound
Gusts of chilly air dance around
I close my eyes as I swiftly drown
In silence

Fairy tales hung in a row
Remains of where I used to go
Sugar plum fairies all know
The name I was called by those sweet years ago
Waterfalls thread through my hands
They splash and collide as they land
In this unexpected place I call home



I really admire the imagery in this poem. Beautifully and creatively written=)

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