All I need in life is neither family or fame

All that I need is actually something unusual for a person my age

Now you may be thinking, is it a Bible or maybe even a love?


It is neither of these things,

For it is something that made me who I am today

It is memories, the good and the bad


I was made into who I am because of my past memories

The hurt I went through, the happiness I experienced

Without it I would be nobody


I remember back on that scared little girl

Who watched her mom and dad argue every night

The girl who was forced to grow up for her little brother's sake


The one who had to face the taunts and harsh words of others at school

The girl who never fitted in with nobody but her brothers

The one who had discovered that her mother had a boyfriend on the side


My life was't fair nor was it pretty

I was picked on, shattered, and broken many times

I was forced to grow up sooner than normal


But my memories made me who I am today

My memories inspired me to become different than my parents

To dream of having a future unlike my past


No I don't need money or fame

Family is important but I don't really need it

All I really need is myself and my memories













This poem is about: 
My family


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