unforgettable memories



Some memories you cherish others you want to forget, or is it the fact that we wish to erase some people from our past. Dismember their existence from our lives. The prints they once left when they crossed our path. They do say the most passionate love stories always have the coldest endings. That person that even though years can go by, but one look can have you feeling like the very first moment you ran into each other. Some people come into your life so you learn to let go. Some people leave unforgettable marks in your life making it seem impossible to expunge. Those marks that even though you try to erase with time or attempt to pretend they were never there; never seem to truly fade. Those memories can hold you back if you let them; or you can use them as an impulse to touch your dreams. There are memories that you can’t forget no matter how much you try. There are memories that stay with you forever because that moment to you once meant the world. Some memories you would like to relive other times you wonder how much things have changed. I wonder if one will always remember those beautiful memories; Or if there is any moments in my future that will compare to those unforgettable memories. 



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