I didn't know 

Until now

That you 

Were gone

It took me

Six months

To find out

And I was


I had nothing

To say

I didn't cry

But somehow

I'm still grieving

All of a sudden

I'm remembering

The stories you


The scoldings

You gave 

On not practicing


The praises you'd give

When my playing

Was excellent

I regret now

That I didn't 

Play for you more

I left lessons

Four years ago

And I remember 

Being too much

Of a coward

To tell you

Face to face

I made a card

And explained

My reasons

And later I heard

You had cried

And I remember

Feeling guilty

But also relieved

To be free of

Long hours 

Tapping out songs

That held no meaning

But now I wish

I had stayed

To talk

To learn more

About you

I remember

Wishing horribly

That you might die

As a child

And then I'd be free

But I chastise myself

And now I see

That piano connected

You and I

And I ache

At finding out


And I remember

Coming back

To play you a song

I learned all 

On my own

I was confident

And prideful

And I recall

Your frown

At the fast

Battle theme

I played

You were hesitant 

And concerned

And I wish

My fingers had danced

A lullaby to soothe you

I regret not tapping

A cheerful little tune

I wish and wish and wish

That it wasn't too late

But alas it is

I played a song

In memory of you

A few minutes ago

I hope you enjoyed it

More than the last

I played for you

I promise that

I'll make you proud

I'll play for you

And even though 

I can't see you

Maybe you're with me

Standing beside

The piano

As my fingers dance

And twirl over and out

As they slide across and meet

Maybe you're there 

With there

As I play along

To my heart's beat. 

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