I place the key in the ignition,

I put the car in drive

and press the gas pedal

but I go no where.


I open my mouth,

and move my lips,

I push air out

but I don't make a sound.


I throw my hands out,

I'm crying out for help,

I wave my hands around,

but still I recieve no assistance.


I stare at the cieling,

it's been hours and I'm still thinking,

questioning reality,

but still I have no answer.


I'm looking at all the facts,

I see the truth,

but I don't believe the truth.

The truth isn't real and neither is reality.


The car finally starts,

you can hear my screams,

my arms are visible from your distance.

But still I have no help.


I don't understand

so I'm questioning it.

Why give me such false hope?

Why desert me when all I needed was your influence?


Without you there

I had a hard time

but I can evolve from the lack of you

I will make it just fine.


The car drives down the road,

with my hands occupied by a steering wheel,

and my voice mute,

I look in my rearview mirror and I see you.


Now that I am silent.

Now that there are no longer tears,

Now when I'm whole

you come along to tear me down again.


I hit the accelerator

and I drive as quickly as I can.

I need to get away from you

but I need you.


I sit alone

in a deserted place.

I gaze at the clouds

until I've seen your face.


I notice you beside me

but only from long ago.

You were my hero,

but I was blinded.


I grab the keys,

and still without sound

I drive into the night

away from these distant memories.


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